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Stripper ApparelWhen you are referencing a stripper’s entire outfit, you are referencing stripper apparel. Stripper apparel is very important in the presentation of a stripper. For one reason, stripper apparel help to deciper strippers from each other. Another reason is because stripper apparel help a stripper to project a certain persona. Many strippers take on nick names that imitate a favorite type of culture. Some of the popular stripper nicknames that match stripper apparel is cowgirls, nurses, doctors, teachers, and school girls.

When a stripper wants her costume clothing to match the character she is portraying on stage, the stripper apparel that is chosen is very important. Obviously, if a stripper is portraying a cowgirl, her apparel with be a cowboy hat and a pair of cow boy boots. A stripper that is trying to portray a teacher, will not wear the same outfit. In the same idea, a stripper who’s stage name is Schoolgirl Sally, will not wear a nurses outfit.

Even a male stripper has the same concept when choosing his stripper apparel. Stripper apparel for a male stripper, does not come as elaborate as a female stripper’s apparel does. When a male stipper’s stripper apparel comes to mind, you usually can’t think past a cow boy, or zorro. This is probably because men do not usually put as much into apparel as women do.

Male strippers could really get into their stripper apparel also. Stripper apparel for men can come in different styles and types just like female stripper apparel can. Most advantage of male stripper apparel is that they can easily be found in styles that are especially made for their body type. This is because the male stripper’s body is most descriptive than a women’s body type.

In any event, stripper attire is important for strippers, whether they be men or women. Stripper apparel can be found any many different styles. Stripper apparel can also be found in stores that sell everyday casual wear. This is because many types of stripper apparel that are not as revealing as average stripper apparel but just as suggestive are becoming popular for everyday wear. This is especially true for women’s everyday casual wear. Mostly in the chest area, women’s wear resembles stripper apparel because of its suggestive.
Stripper apparel is also dominating in the jean and skirt industry. It is almost expected that when shopping for jeans and skits, the options lean more towards stripper apparel than anything else. Waistlines are plummeting and the bottoms of skirts are rising. It is hard to draw the line between women’s casual wear and stripper apparel.





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