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Stripper Boots

Stripper BootsOne of the most interesting things about stripper footwear and boots, is the fact that it’s a product that is in demand for more than strippers. In the beginning, knee high stiletto boots were something that you either saw on a stripper’s stage, or on the street corner. But as the fashion industry grew, so did the demand for stripper boots.

There are many reasons why a woman would want to own a pair of stripper boots. You can first relate the reason to the stripper career all together. A pair of stripper boots makes a woman feel sexy. This is probably because stripper boots develop a reputation with men as a product worn by strippers. In effect, stripper boots became a symbol of sexual things. Women began to seek stripper boots in order to stimulate their spouses, and meet up to the competition of strippers.

Another reason why stripper boots has risen in popularity, is because of the way they rise up to the knee. A pair of stripper boots can be a warm pair of shoes in the cold winter and fall seasons. Stripper boots give women the opportunity to be warm and feel sexy. This is especially true because winter was known as the least sexiest season for woman. The fashion industry continues to find ways for women to meet the need to feel sexy. They often match stripper boots with their ensembles.

Stripper boots are also good for the teasing factor. Because stripper boots rise so far up the leg, when removing the boot, a stripper can remove it in a teasing manor. This is important to the style of stripping because the point of stripping is to tease. A stripper can also prolong her stage time with stripper boots because she can elaborate the tease with each foot.

Platform Stripper Shoes
There was a period of time where platform stripper shoes were a pair of shoes in every woman’s collection.

Leather Stripper Clothes
Whether you are a stripper or not, leather is just the fabric of sexy.

Cheap Stripper Clothes
Cheap stripper clothes are just a wiser buy than expensive stripper clothes.





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